Wisp x Dame Playtime Bundle Exclusive Discount Code

In addition to Pom, the Playtime bundle includes Wisp’s Mist toy cleaner, which you’re pretty much getting for free. Why should you care about some toy cleaner? Cleaning your toys kills potentially harmful bacteria, which can cause UTIs, yeast infections — or, if you’re bringing your toys to play with others, STIs. Especially for sex toy beginners, Mist is an easy way to create the habit of cleaning up. Just spray, let sit for 30 seconds, and rinse with warm water. Then, stow away. The ease of use is a great accompaniment to Dame’s Pom, making the Playtime Bundle a match made in pleasurable heaven.

Tl;dr — the Playtime Bundle is a great way to get into sex toys, especially for a beginner. With your R29 exclusive code, this discounted sex toy bundle makes a perfect gift for a friend looking to explore sexual pleasure for the first time or rediscover their body (and, hey, that friend could be you!). Don’t sleep on this deal, either. Although it runs for the rest of the year, Wisp has been known to sell out of its products, and stock is limited.

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