These Handsome Watches Look 10 Times More Expensive Than They Are

But, unlike most of its contemporaries, Furlan Marri isn’t puritanical about its classic approach. In September month, it collaborated with watch-world jokester seconde/seconde/ on a piece that put a fat 8-bit heart at 9 o’clock. The graphic was meant to show quartz haters that even Furlan Marri’s hybrid watches that combine a mechanical and quartz movement “have a heart too,” according to FM’s site. This certainly wasn’t something you’d find on a vintage reference from the ‘40s. “It was fun, it was fresh, it was something different,” Furlan told me.

Maybe FM’s biggest leap came in the form of a watch made for the now-delayed Only Watch charity auction. Only Watch is typically reserved for the finest horological wizards. The most expensive watch ever sold, a Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, was part of the event. Participating was a level up for FM, which worked with two other watchmakers to deliver a perpetual calendar variation, a technical innovation far above its typical offering. And while the piece is a one-off, Furlan told Hodinkee it sets the stage for his brand to mass produce watches with these difficult-to-make complications in the future. “The goal we have is to provide those complications to more of the public,” Furlan said.

Furlan Marri’s secular perpetual calendar for Only Watch

©Laurent Xavier Moulin

But while watch-world insiders are impressed by impressive technical achievement like this, what compelled me to write about FM now is that I kept hearing from non-watch people suddenly interested in the brand. As watches become a growing pop culture phenomenon, those new to the hobby are looking for ways in. Furlan can feel like a shortcut up the horological ladder for these people who want a nice watch but don’t want to wait until they’ve saved Patek-level money to get it. And the best thing about Furlan, for some of those people, is it scratches that itch entirely.

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