The Swiftie’s Guide to Bandwagoning Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs

What we do know is that a Chiefs-Eagles rerun at this year’s Super Bowl would be the best matchup not just for the Kelce family, but for the entire Swiftie community. As for Travis, his life is obviously about to change beyond his wildest dreams. His teammates are getting in on the fun, as is his coach, but things are going to reach an entirely new level immediately. Every outfit, every postgame facial expression, every step he takes, really, will be analyzed to the umpteenth degree. Chiefs bandwagoners should know that Kelce has dated celebrities before, but nobody on this level. He briefly had his own dating show—and dated Maya Benberry, the winner of said show, after production wrapped—but also was with sports personality and model Kayla Nicole for five years.

This fling with Swift, meanwhile, got off to an inauspicious start. Kelce went to Swift’s Kansas City show back in July, and told the story of what happened on his own podcast. Apparently, Kelce thought he could use his status with the Chiefs to just waltz right up to Swift and shoot his shot before she took the stage. He knew the Swift lore, wisely, and brought her the type of homemade bracelet that are a common sight at her shows. This one, though, had his phone number on it. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of rizz and men often go awry. Swift was unable to meet Kelce before that show, citing the fact that she had to, you know, perform the concert.

Kelce has offered other insights into his dating life as well, particularly the idea that he doesn’t love a superiority complex. “High maintenance, I’m out the door,” Kelce said on Kristin Cavallari’s podcast. “You got to have some sort of sweetness to you. If you’re arrogant or you think you’re snooty or just higher above people, that’s the biggest turn off for me.” If hanging out with his mom—a classic Swift play—is any indication, Swift doesn’t think she’s too good for a salt-of-the-earth Midwestern Sunday spent watching football. We can’t predict what’s in store for these crazy kids, but it seems like everyone involved is having fun, and if a kajillion more people are going to tune into one team every weekend to learn about Taylor Swift’s paramour, there are absolutely worse teams than the Chiefs. Just be careful about doing the Tomahawk Chop, the problematic rallying cry that has an unfortunate chokehold on their fans.

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