The Chic Scandi Coat Trend Brit Celebs Are Wearing Now

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been counting down to the start of winter for one reason and one reason only—the official start of coat season. Sure, autumn expectedly brought a drastic drop in temperatures but while we eagerly bundled up in jumpers and coats, it turned out that August and September were better suited to jackets (hello, sweaty commute), and it’s only been over the last couple of months that we’ve really been able to dive into our coat collections. 

So, what winter coats have we been investing in this year? Well, the chocolate brown trend has covered everything from slinky party dresses to tailored coats, and as soon as frost appears on the ground we’ll never turn down a puffer coat, but there’s one style that Brit celebs can’t get enough of, and it’s all down to one coat in particular. 

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