Stylish Christmas Pyjamas For Women: 28 Chic Pairs

Some of the offerings on the market can venture outside too. Why not put a lightweight cashmere jumper over your silky set with the collar coming out for a relaxed and fashion-forward look? Sometimes the prints need to be seen by everyone (not just your dog) to be truly appreciated. 

I have to admit, I never used to put any effort into owning and genuinely enjoying a good pair of pyjamas, which felt great against my skin and made me look a little less dishevelled. Lockdown came around and a lot of people’s everyday habits and rituals were forced to change and mine was one of them. I realised that feeling good at home was just as important as it was when at work or seeing friends. 

So if you have decided that this season is the time to  invest in a good pair of pyjamas, or you simply want to be known as the very best gift giver out there,  then scroll on for my edit of the best Christmas pyjamas for women. And there’s not a reindeer print in sight.

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