Kendall Jenner’s Latest Pantless Look Is Her Coziest One Yet

After turning a gas station run into a catwalk last week, Kendall Jenner continued her mission of turning even the most simple daily activities into a photo shoot come to life. On Saturday, before doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation, the model stepped out to go grocery shopping in Los Angeles. Not unsurprisingly, she did so without any pants on.

Jenner was spotted emerging from a market holding a leather carry-all, a Bottega Veneta tote (which she used to stash a bouquet of sunflowers), and a white paper bag. Although the trio of top handles were quite impressive, Jenner’s decision to go sans pants was certainly the focus.

The 27-year-old is no stranger to the leggy look—wearing it everywhere from Gucci’s runway show to the New York City streets. But this one certainly had a more distinct feel than her previous—dare we say, take on Hot Girl Fall? Jenner sported a baggy cable knit sweater that featured a blue center panel with beige detailing at the sides. While she did layer tiny boxer shorts below, the oversized shape of the sweater turned things into more of a mini dress than a traditional layering piece.

From there, Jenner kept the fall theme going with knitted sock heel boots. The pair, which looked a lot like the ones the Kardashians favored in the late 2010s, was the latest style in her streak of statement footwear but in a more muted direction. And as Jenner’s pantless looks often veer into ultra-sexy territory, this time, her choice of knitted fabrics gave things a more cozy feel.

It makes sense then that just one day prior, she provided another example of just how versatile, and seasonless, the no-pants look can be. Jenner was spotted leaving a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills wearing a fuzzy mint green statement coat (that she belted into a dress) and white, above-the-knee go-go boots. While stepping out in only a jacket might not be one’s first choice during the colder months, the model does spend most of her time in California where temperatures aren’t known to get too extreme. Still, even with a slight chill in the air, it seems that Jenner isn’t rushing to grab a pair of full-coverage bottoms anytime soon.

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