Kendall Jenner Brings the “Lemon Girl” Look to Fall With a Yellow Trench

Though Kendall Jenner may have hopped on the “Lemon Girl Summer” bandwagon back in August, she’s now transferred the brightly colored aesthetic to her fall wardrobe, too. Though summer hasn’t technically ended in New York City, Monday’s gloomy weather sure felt like the arrival of the colder season. And, of course, Jenner brought out the transition pieces to match.

The model was hard to miss strolling around the Big Apple—while New Yorkers are notorious for heir muted outerwear, Jenner’s trench came in a citrus shade of pale yellow. Her jacket was slightly oversized, especially at the sleeve area, and finished just below the knee. Though yellow isn’t exactly the first color that comes to mind when pertaining to fall, it certainly added a bit of sunshine both to the rest of Jenner’s ensemble and to an otherwise dreary day.

She wore the piece open, which showed off the brown buttons as well as the rest of her look. Underneath, she went with a pair of muted basics in the form of a gray tank top and high-rise navy pants.

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To finish things off, Jenner added in a trio of New York staples—leather kitten heels, a roomy black bag, and despite the rain, a pair of sleek sunglasses. It’s no surprise that Jenner’s look was rather subdued (and logo-less) aside from the pop of color. Clearly, the “Quiet Luxury” mania is coming to fall, too.

And while New York temperatures have only just now started to cool down, the star has already sported a handful of fall-ready looks. Over the weekend, Jenner traded her trench coat for another fall staple, a light brown denim jacket.

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Though this coat was decidedly shorter, it still had a rather relaxed fit to it. The 27-year-old similarly paired the piece with her tank-pants combination and leather mules. It seems that Jenner has already established her fall uniform—just toss some sort of statement outerwear piece over basic under layers and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in a splash of citrus every now and then.

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