Julia Fox Quite Literally Stakes Claim As the Modern Princess Diana

With dozens of claims being staked as to who Gen Z’s Princess Diana truly is, Ice Spice appeared to pull into the lead this spring when she rapped “In the hood, I’m like Princess Diana.” However, on Thursday, some friendly competition popped up when Julia Fox stepped out in a look that was, well, rather on the nose.

Over in London (because where else would you wear such an ensemble?) Fox debuted an ivory corset with a portrait of Princess Diana printed across the front. The graphic was a quintessential snap of the Princess of Wales sporting one of her signature diamond tiaras as well as a pair of pearl drop earrings.

In addition to the portrait, the corset was equally as attention-grabbing with cut-outs at the sides and ribbon closures doubling as straps. While the move could have been taken as a sign of patriotism, it’s more likely that Fox is referencing the late Princess’ status as a Gen Z icon.

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

One search on Twitter with the phrase “Julia Fox Princess Diana,” and you’ll find users saying things like “Controversial but Julia Fox is my Princess Diana.” Or even bolder claims like “You know Princess Diana would be doing TikToks exactly like Julia Fox’s if she lived.” Though we’re not so sure that Diana would be inclined to be on the bird app, the duo do share a flair for fashion. They also (in very, very different ways) re-established themselves after highly-publicized relationships that turned sour.

Naturally, Fox added another British touch with a Union Jack handbag and completed her look with one of Chopova Lowena’s trademark carabiner skirts, cowboy boots, and sizable hair bow. While many may opt for the tried-and-true “Revenge Dress” to pay homage to the late Royal, Fox’s look is certainly one way to get the job done.

Speaking of revenge (or maybe just telling the truth?) Fox’s newly released memoir, Down the Drain, addresses—among other things—her fraught relationship with Kanye West.

“Truth is, I’m not a celebrity and I don’t claim that title,” she writes. “I’m an artist in the role of a lifetime, playing Me. And nothing about my life has changed. Being sexy had been my identity for so long, and I was consumed by it. I’m unlearning all the brainwashing and learning to love myself for more than just the way I look.”

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