How To Apply Concealer, According to a Makeup Artist

Likewise, when you apply your concealer is also important. Clarkson recommends applying foundation first, doing any work on the brows and eyes, and then applying concealer. “I sometimes do cream bronzers before concealing too as you’ll apply less product that way around,” she adds. “And you’ll have even less chance of creasing and over-applying.”

Of course, the tools you use to apply concealer are also crucial. “Personally for me I love brushes for spots and fingertips for under eyes,” says Clarkson. “I don’t tend to use sponges so much at work but for personal use they’re great. You can even get small sponges perfect for under the eye and mini powder puffs for setting.” Hart however is a big of using sponges. “They’re great for around the eye area,” she explains. “Use the sponge to tap the concealer in so it lays flat on the skin and doesn’t crease.”

It’s important to note that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to concealing—the way you apply concealer and the types of concealer you use differ based on where on the face you’re applying the product. Below, Clarkson and Hart talk us through how to apply concealer to the under-eyes, to breakouts, and to general redness.

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