Four Ways To Style Reformation’s Red Clara Cardigan

In case you haven’t heard, this season it’s all about the red cardigan. For its easy, wearable silhouette, red cardigans are the perfect place to start if you’re trying to get used to styling the bold shade. 

As influencers, celebrities and editors have flocked to secure themselves the perfect red cardi, high street and designer brands have delivered them in spades, offering cashmere styles, wool knits and fine cotton cardigans to suit our preferences. The best of the lot? Well, if you ask anyone in the Who What Wear UK team, they’ll send you straight to Reformation website and implore you to scoop up the Clara cashmere crew neck cardigan.

The pure cashmere composition imparts a delightfully supple feel on the skin for comfortable styling and easy layering. Worn buttoned all the way, or party un-done to let your skin shine through, the crew-neck cardigan comes in a relaxed finish for easy wearability. 

The perfect accompaniment to your favourite pair of jeans, you’ll quickly find yourself reaching for this simple red cardigan more often that not. If you’re unsure on how to work it in to your wardrobe, read on to discover every way we’ll be styling the knit this season and beyond.

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