Elevated Contouring Is The Subtle Way To Sculpt Your Face, According To Victoria Beckham

If the idea of contouring conjures visions of a heavily carved, chiseled complexion that feels more daunting than doable, you could be forgiven for dismissing this beauty trend as one that is simply not for you.

Before you write it off for good though, take inspiration from Victoria Beckham, who this weekend shared her elevated contouring technique with her army of Instagram followers. A minimalist take on a maximalist trend, the elegant way to sculpt your face relies on not just the right tool–in VB’s case her own brand’s Contour Stylus–but also a reimagined approach to application.

As Victoria demonstrated, the trick is to create a subtly sculpted look that will naturally enhance your face’s own structure–rather than re-drawing it altogether. To do that, the small, narrow tip of her contour pen is ideal. A creamy crayon designed specifically to hug the natural contours of the face, the pen helps create delicate definition in a way that chubby bronzing sticks or powder palettes sometimes can’t – the effect is imperceptible, rather than obvious.

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