Black Women, Book A Trip To Belize & Thank Me Later

I have always had an extensive travel bucket list, but to be honest, Belize was never on it. I’ve always set my sights on visiting as many countries in Africa as I could and hitting all the major tourist sights in Europe. Central America wasn’t really on my radar. Ignorantly, to me Belize always felt like just an extension of Mexico, and since I’d been there so many times, I didn’t need to experience a similar travel setting. However, when I received an invitation from the Belize Tourism Board to visit the country, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Instantly, I found myself daydreaming about being in a lush tropical paradise, lounging in a hammock surrounded by exotic birds and towering palm trees that rival the beauty of the Garden of Eden. Little did I know that Belize had so much more to offer beyond its natural wonders. My week in Belize was an adventure filled with cultural experiences, organic farming, birdwatching, and marine conservation efforts that took me outside of my city girl comfort zone.

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