‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Apartment Woes, Art Gallery Stress, and Aidan Cuteness

We’re officially in the Age of Aidan on And Just Like That…, and even though I was never a big Aidan girl during the series’s original run, I have to admit…I’m kind of on board? That doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone, though, as Carrie learns while she and Aidan cute it up all over town in this week’s episode. Without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

  1. Look at Carrie and Aidan, all curled up in bed! It’s the aughts again!
  2. This patter about who’s going to get up and close the shades is extremely relatable.
  3. Was Aidan always hot? I swear he used to be annoying as hell, but time has been good to him.
  4. It’s so rare that I think Carrie has sexual chemistry with anyone, but she genuinely does with Aidan. Maybe now she’ll be a better sex columnist?
  5. Carrie’s going to Virginia to meet Aidan’s teenage boys, which…oh, they’re going to hate-hate her.
  6. Seema doesn’t seem that into Carrie and Aidan. Hmm. Listen, the sad truth is that sometimes your friend is extra-annoying when she’s in love.
  7. Damn, Carrie’s worried Big was a mistake. I could have told you that, girlina!
  8. It’s almost as though none of these fictional characters listen to me.
  9. Charlotte’s starting a full-time job at an art gallery, and her kids don’t care at all, which clearly bothers her.
  10. Why must Miranda wear a burgundy suit? Why?
  11. Also, she’s an intern? Did I miss this?
  12. I’ve definitely said this before, but I love Carrie and Che’s friendship.
  13. “Sorry I said ‘fuck’ in front of your turtle, man,” is a top-tier Che line.
  14. Wait, so was Che’s pilot full-on canceled because of one bad focus group? Is that legit how it works?
  15. I will say that Che is way hotter as a vet’s employee than as a stand-up comedian.
  16. Sorry, so…Che is going to rent Carrie their apartment so that Aidan doesn’t have to go back into her betrayal den? Doesn’t really seem sustainable, but I guess Carrie’s rich.
  17. We simply love a potential romance for Anthony, especially with an IRL Italian guy!
  18. Is this Anthony’s Mavis Beaumont moment?
  19. “You’re 25, that’s your crime” is another excellent line, even though I’m annoyed that it’s basically all Lisa gets to deliver in this episode.
  20. Of course Aidan doesn’t really get they/them pronouns, but hey, he definitely makes a bigger effort with them than Big would have.
  21. Also, of course Che owns five hangers and they’re all wire. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!
  22. Oh, Miranda, first coming out and then feeling the wrath of your fellow interns? She’s really doing my whole early-to-mid-20s this season, huh?
  23. Bro, I can’t with this “Charlotte thinks she needs to lose weight and is only drinking bone broth” storyline. I guess it’s on-brand, but…ugh.
  24. Not Che in a Yankees tee! Why is this working for me?
  25. I love to see Carrie genuinely having fun with Aidan 🙂
  26. He’s making chili and everything, like a total sweetie!
  27. Seema really seems to be ghosting Carrie, and I hate it!
  28. Wait, I didn’t realize Carrie bailed on her Hamptons house with Seema. Totally valid of Seema to be mad!
  29. “I could, but I don’t want to” is the single-girl line of the week, and truly? I love it.
  30. I mean, I feel for Carrie to some extent, but I think it’s high time for single girls to put themselves first.
  31. Of all the dumb fights Carrie and the girls have had over the years, this one actually feels valid.
  32. Miranda describing herself as a “sexually confused alcoholic going through a divorce” is iconic, if harsh.
  33. Aw, Seema eventually shows up for dinner with Aidan, in a very sweet inversion of the moment in the original series where Big bails on dinner and then turns up anyway. It’s much hotter coming from Seema, IMO.

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