35 Best Fitness Gifts 2023 For All Kinds of Workout Obsessives

Giving a gift related to exercise can be a touch-and-go task. The best fitness gifts must follow a narrow path—they shouldn’t suggest to casual recipients that a little more time at the gym is warranted, and they have to meet the high, routinized, and regimented bar set by the workout-obsessed. Like a good training routine, the best fitness gifts should cover the basics and aim for results. Think always-needed essentials like a new tee, tank, or hoodie from high-quality, under-the-radar brands, or proven tools like a foam roller or strength-building gripper. Or, break the rules and go for gold with something truly unique, like personalized protein powder, a heated massage gun, or a Nalgene water bottle from Tokyo. It’s all below, along with plenty of other fitness gift ideas and GQ Fitness Awards winners they didn’t know they had on their wishlist.

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