21 Luxury Loungewear Pieces You’ll Never Want to Take Off

Something about the cold weather sends me into casual-style autopilot. The practicality and cosiness of clothing become much more important when you’re around the house, and layering is essential up when you’re not at home. Yet you don’t have to compromise style when choosing comfort, especially over the last few years where luxe loungewear has become a category of its own. 

The chic-lounge movement has me trading my worn-out sweatpants for elevated knitted trousers and replacing my holey T-shirts with cashmere sweaters. These days, I’m living in these snug but refined pieces whether it’s for working from home, a Sunday movie marathon, or a winter hangout (*cue hot chocolate*). 

I’ve pulled together the pieces I can’t stop thinking about for top-tier loungewear, be they designer or just incredibly chic. Keep scrolling to get shopping!

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