15 Best Turtlenecks 2023: Turn Yourself Into a Holiday Season Style God

The Wu-Tang Clan probably weren’t talking about stellar knitwear when they urged us to protect our necks, but that doesn’t detract from the best turtlenecks’ specific kind of power. Some wardrobe essentials help keep your style on point, while others transform your entire persona. Chinos and pocket T-shirts fall into the former camp, while moto jackets and Chelsea boots are in the latter. If you’ve ever worn a turtleneck, you know where to put it here. One minute you’re you, a regular person, the next minute you’ve giving off “the guy she told you not to worry about” energy.

The Best Turtlenecks Shopping Guide

For some, the turtleneck’s intensity is overwhelming. It’s too serious, too sophisticated, too “I’m rich and important”—just too damn much, period. So we’re here to low-key judge those people and encourage you not to be one of them. Since when has looking serious or absurdly wealthy been a bad thing? Also: No one is saying you need to wear it with a fur coat and sit in the corner twirling your mustache all night! Feel free to de-stuff the turtleneck with baggy chinos, selvedge jeans, or even track pants if you’re feeling extra relaxed. Just don’t live the rest of your days in crewnecks; put your face on a platter for all to enjoy.

These are our favorites—the best turtlenecks on the market right now—worth sticking your neck out for.

The Best Wear-With-Everything Turtleneck


Brushed Cotton Turtleneck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Merino wool is a workhouse cold-weather fabric, a high-quality winter staple that offers plenty of warmth minus the heft. So it makes sense that Uniqlo puts the material to good use in its turtleneck, a no-fuss joint you can throw under a winter-weight blazer to channel a Hollywood icon of yesteryear (or, uh, this year), or wear on its own with slim jeans and Chelsea boots when you want to add a little pizzazz to a date night fit.

The Best “Prep Is Back, Baby!” Turtleneck


Heritage Roll Neck Sweater

J.Crew’s collegiate-inspired roll neck feels just as ready for an extremely stylish tailgate as it does a weekend upstate—and that easygoing, easy-wearing attitude is a fantastic approximation of what the brand is doing so well right now. With Brendon Babenzien at the helm, the erstwhile catalog-only retailer is plumbing the depths of its archives, unearthing a treasure trove of sporty, retro-inflected Americana to riff on. And like the best jazz solos, the results are often a mishmash of different influences, and almost always delightful. The brand’s not-quite-turtleneck but more than a mock neck pulls rich hues, chunky knit, and its prep-meets-artist vibe from the same well of energy that animates its Giant-fit chinos. Dressing like a member of the Dead Poets Society rarely looks so cool.

The Best Holiday Season Turtleneck

Ralph Lauren

Fair Isle Cashmere Rollneck Sweater

Let’s be clear: there is a big distinction between the novelty holiday sweater and it’s not-too-distant Fair Isle relative. The former comes embroidered with Christmas trees and reindeer sleighs and has officially crossed the rubicon into corny territory (though, of course, there are exceptions to the rule). Fair Isle, on the other hand, is a distinct knitting pattern that traces its origins back to the Shetland Islands, and was popularized by the Prince of Wales in the roaring twenties. In other words, it offers exactly the type of après-ski vibes you want to cultivate around this time of year, without compromising on the cozy. We especially like Ralph Lauren’s ultra-classic rendition, which is cut slim from pure cashmere done up in a shade of black even your goth cousin can get behind. It’s luxurious without taking itself too seriously, which means you can still wear it to an office party without eliciting too many chuckles.

The Best Tee-Like Turtleneck

Remember those scratchy wool turtlenecks your parents forced you to wear on picture day in 3rd grade? This one’s nothing like them. Instead of crafting its swankified T-shirt from the usual wool blends, Land’s End makes its aptly-named Super-T from a ridiculously soft jersey cotton, a fabric that shares more in common with your favorite thermal than any itchy abomination you dreaded pulling on in elementary school. When it’s mind-numbingly cold outside and you’re freezing through your puffer, it’s just the layer you need to keep frostbite at bay without giving in to the siren song of head-to-toe fleece. And when the weather isn’t so dreary, it’s the only piece in your closet that’ll keep you feeling this cozy—and looking this pulled together—on a lazy weekend grocery run.

The Best Turtleneck to Channel Your Inner Rugged Old Salt


Milled French Merino Rib Turtleneck

If you associate turtlenecks with grizzled sea dogs staring contemplatively into the sea (or Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse), you’re already thinking along the right lines. Auralee’s toasty, oversized turtleneck is made from soft-but-sturdy Merino wool, an elegant riff on the classic fisherman sweater. With its generous neck and ribbing at the wrists and waists, it’s rugged enough to wear solo but refined enough to double as a base layer beneath a nubby corduroy blazer. It helps, of course, that it comes done up in an ever-versatile shade of eggshell that pays tribute to the source material—and will look killer half-tucked into pooling black trousers anchored by chunky derbys. Look yonder, captain! We spot an absolutely tremendous fit on the horizon.

Plus 10 More Turtlenecks We Love


“Aaitor” Striped Wool Turtleneck Sweater

Do you own a boss-level topcoat and a beefy pair of cords? Congratulations: now you own all the components of a perfect fall fit, too.


Unless you want to look like that one picture of The Rock, we’d strongly suggest leaving the jewelry where it belongs: beneath your sweater. Not to worry, though—Ikiji’s decadent, Super 120s wool knit has just the right amount of luster to help your fits shine.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Cool your jets, kids: the ol’ marled roll neck looks just as fresh as ever, with or without grandpa’s official cosign.

Ralph Lauren

Striped Wool-Cashmere Sweater

Punchy in that perfectly preppy sort of way only Ralph really knows how to nail.


Merino Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater

Buying a sleek black turtleneck come winter is what we in the business like to call a “total no-brainer”.

Todd Snyder

Let that beautiful texture usher your fall fits through pumpkin spice season in style.

Saint Laurent

Roll-Neck Ribbed Wool-Blend Sweater

The extra-long neck on Saint Laurent’s slinky, swaggering riff means you can step outside without a scarf and not feel like a contestant on the next season of Survivor.

Banana Republic

Franco Italian Merino Turtleneck Sweater

The endlessly versatile, actually stylish version of an “I woke up like this” tee.

Paul Smith

Signature Stripe Roll Neck Sweater

Stripes: good on boxy button-ups, great on ridiculously luxe sweaters.


Submariner Roll Neck Sweater

Finally, a vintage-inflected submariner you can actually afford—and don’t have to worry about wearing to pieces.

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