Sonos Sale 2023: Wireless Speakers an Soundbars Up To 25% Off

A Sonos sale is a rare occasion, so when one pops up, we listen (literally—at least, once the boxes arrive). Just ahead of Black Friday, Sonos has cut prices on its speakers and home theater sound system bundles by up to 25% off.

The audio brand synonymous with wireless speakers doesn’t drop prices like this very often. Typically, you can only get a deal on Sonos gear if you’re willing to grab a refurbished model (which isn’t usually a bad idea, since they’re warrantied to work like a new speaker). The last time we saw prices in this range was back in June.

From the brand’s excellent mini portable speaker, the Roam, to its bass-heavy subwoofer, almost every GQ-approved speaker is on sale. If you’re wondering what you should spend your allowance on, we have a handy breakdown of all the best Sonos speakers by what they do and what they’re best at. At this point, the company has plenty of bases covered, whether you need a speaker to pair with your turntable or you want a surround-sound system that’ll definitively prove why a film won the Oscar for best sound mixing.

Shop the Sonos sale now, or else prepare to wait until…we’re not sure when.

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