COS Best Sellers: 15 of the Brand’s Most Popular Buys

Here at Who What Wear, we have access to a whole heap of data that means we can really see (not just on our Instagram feeds) what people are shopping, sometimes in the hundreds and thousands. This way we get a genuine idea of the key buys that are truly worth the money, and unsurprisingly COS is one of the brands that consistently crops up in these best sellers. And so, since we all want to know the buys that have been backed by the hard evidence of other people’s trust, I thought it would be insightful to share with you the brand’s most popular buys of the year so far. From hero basics that you’ve probably been searching for, like perfect vests, T-shirts and shirts, to cult items like that crossbody bag, and those wide-leg trousers—they’re all in this list. As you’d expect, though, everything shares the signature COS characteristics, making them versatile, timeless investments you’ll be unlikely to regret. 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the top 15 COS best sellers of 2023 so far… 

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