5 Easy Black Dress and Boot Outfits For Winter 2023

While summer calls for transparent voiles and barely there clothing, winter styling is the complete antithesis and we veer towards deeper hues, jewel tones and steadfast items that have met the style and warm criteria over the years. However, you aren’t alone if you too lack inspiration when outfits are swallowed whole by oversized coats. Winter is all about layering and outfit combinations. At this time of year, I pull for black dress and boot ensembles more than anything else. Within one fall sweep, you have a head-to-toe outfit that’s practical, looks considered (in an effortless way) and stylish. It’s a combination that always looks chic, understated and bears a chic Scandi lilt (Scandinavian women are experts at wearing monochrome outfits, after all). 

I’ve never met someone who didn’t love a LBD and although they’re best associated with eveningwear, there are myriad ways to style black dresses which transcend the eveningwear realm. Simply pairing them with boots, instantly makes them daytime-appropriate. When it comes to choosing which dresses to style with boots, the options span from long-sleeved tea dresses to bodycon numbers and silken slips. Jumper dresses are also landing on e-commerce faster than you can say winter, in various cuts — from high neck to raglan styles you can pull in at the waist (there’s more on that later).

Come winter, there’s also an opportunity to reinvent evening gowns with hardened footwear and structured coats. It’s fair to say, everyone could benefit from a black dress in their arsenal. Keep on reading for five-inspired black dress and boot looks to carry you from now to the winter months.

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